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Take your cost data collection knowledge to the next level at an Ambulance Cost Education (ACE) Regional Workshop! The Regional Workshops provide an interactive, one-day learning experience for attendees that explores cost data collection topics. 

How Are the Regional Workshops Different from the ACE Webinars?
While the ACE webinars serve as introductions to tightly-focused topics, the regional workshops take a deeper dive into the content. If you have already attended any of the ACE webinars, a regional workshop is the next step to deepening your understanding of cost data collection. 

What Do Attendees Gain from the Workshop?
ACE regional workshop attendees gain actionable tools, and participate/partake in gamification exercises to deepen their understanding of cost collection. Led by ACE faculty Asbel Montes, Rebecca Williamson, Angie McLain, Scott Moore, Brian Werfel, and Maria Bianchi, attendees will learn how we got to where we are today, what the new mandates will require based on current regulations, and how to best prepare yourself and your service for the phase-in. At the conclusion of the workshop, attendees will be armed with a summary and checklist of how to cross walk their current budget and chart of accounts to the cost survey model, along with a labor toolkit reviewing the 855 form and other tools. This workshop is an essential building block to your Ambulance Cost Education. With the changes coming soon, your service can’t afford to fall behind!

NAAC approved for 7 CEUs.

Workshop Pricing

ACE Subscription Members | 2 seats with subscription package*
AAA Members | $300.00
Non-Members | $600.00
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Cost Data Collection: -50 Days 2 Hours 52 Minutes 35 Seconds until mandatory reporting begins!