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Quick Takes: Cost of Readiness
April 30, 2019
There is a widespread recognition in the industry that reimbursement doesn't fully take into account the costs of service readiness. But until 2020, we haven't had data to support that under...
Cost Data Collection Is Coming!…and Other Lessons Learned at the Midwest EMS Expo
April 29, 2019
“After that session…I am so impressed with the American Ambulance Association and what they’re doing with cost collection!” “I knew cost collection was happening, and that it was kind of
Quick Takes: Crosswalking
April 11, 2019
With the release of the new accounting manual, a new tool is available for preparing your service for the new cost reporting (and for getting better financial metrics). As part of our Quick ...
Behind the Scenes of Responding to a Call: Breaking Down the Costs of Readiness
Behind the Scenes of Responding to a Call: Breaking Down the Costs of Readiness
April 8, 2019
A lot of things need to be in place for an ambulance to respond to a call for service. Equipment needs to be purchased and prepared for use, staff need to be hired, trained, uniformed and cr...
Quick Takes: The Role Of Service Mix
March 9, 2019
The data collection that launches in less than 10 months will include a wide variety of elements. Service area and service mix may seem like minor pieces of the collection, but they play a b...
A Deeper Look At Utilization Metrics & Service Volume
February 28, 2019
When someone asks about your service area, what do you say?  Do you describe it as rural, urban, super rural, or a mix?  Maybe you tell them how many square miles you cover, and how many tru
Cost Data Collection: 161 Days 11 Hours 40 Minutes 28 Seconds until mandatory reporting begins!