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Five Reasons Why You Should Comply With Ambulance Cost Reporting
September 15, 2020
Five Reasons to Comply with Ambulance Cost Data Collection Cost Collection expert and ACE faculty member, Asbel Montes, highlights five of the top reasons why every service selected for Amb...
CMS Modifies the Cost Data Collection System Year 1 Data Collection
May 20, 2020
CMS has issued a blanket waiver modifying the data collection period for the ground ambulance services that were selected to report in Year 1.  Under the current law, these organizations wou
How Ambulance Cost Collection & COVID-19 Intersect
March 19, 2020
Ambulance Cost Data Collection is likely the last item on your mind amid the constant barrage of updates, changing guidance, and trying to resupply PPE for your crews.  We believe there are
Ambulance Cost Data Collection Webinar: Service Area and Response Time
March 5, 2020
Service area and response times are familiar topics for those in EMS.  Response times are a common topic of conversation and debate between EMS agencies and communities everywhere. Ambulance
Organizational Characteristics Are More Important Than You Might Think
February 4, 2020
How would you describe your ambulance service?  Beyond explaining how many ambulances you have on duty, the staffing mix, or your service area, your organizational characteristics are the fr
Savvik Cost Collection Grant Application
January 14, 2020
The Savvik Foundation and the American Ambulance Association have launched a grant program available to Savvik member ambulance services who are preparing to comply with the Cost Data Collec...
Cost Data Collection: -341 Days 23 Hours 28 Minutes 29 Seconds until mandatory reporting begins!