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Upcoming & On-Demand Webinars & Quick Takes dedicated to ground ambulance cost data collection are listed below.

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Cost Collection Overview with the California Ambulance Association
Michelle Anderson, Scott Moore, Esq., Donna Hankins
$0 | Sponsored by the CAA

Join the American Ambulance Association Ambulance Cost Education Faculty for this fast-paced and engaging webinar hosted by the California Ambulance Association!
The ACE Faculty will review important dates and share their top tips for reporting on time and avoiding penalties with a section-by-section look at CMS’ cost collection requirements.

Approved for 2.0 NAAC CEUs

On-Demand | Quick Take: So…What if I DON’T? 
Scott Moore, Esq.

Scott shares the consequences of not complying with the CMS Ground Ambulance Data Collection process. In addition to a 10% penalty suffered by each service that doesn’t report for their selection year, we will see big impacts on payment policy in years to come.

ACE Office Hours: EMS Billing Companies
June 9, 2022 1PM Eastern
Speakers: Scott Moore, Esq., Katie Arens
$0 AAA Members|$0 Non-Members

This office hours session will be focused on how EMS billing companies can support their clients through the CMS Ground Ambulance Cost Data Collection process. The AAA offers education, expert advice from our Ambulance Cost Education (ACE) Faculty, and tools like Amber which are all free for AAA members. The AAA is also introducing a NEW feature in Amber – Invite External User. This function allows AAA members who are using the Amber software to invite their billing company representatives to help enter, verify and submit data in Amber.

This ACE Office Hours session is specifically for EMS billing companies and is an opportunity to ask and discuss your questions about cost collection, Amber, and what you can do to best help your clients through the cost data collection (and submission!) process.

Approved for 1.0 CEU

On-Demand | ACE Office Hours: Labor
Speaker: Michelle Anderson, Scott Moore, Brian Werfel
$0 AAA Members | $198 Non-Members

ACE Faculty members Michelle, Scott & Brian answer attendee questions about section 7 of the Medicare Ground Ambulance Data Collection Instrument: Labor. 

Approved for 1.5 CEU

On-Demand | Quick-Take: Bigger than Billing
Speaker: Michelle Anderson
$0 AAA Members | $0 Non-Members

Cost Collection is bigger than the billing department. You will need to work with various departments and vendors to collect, verify and submit all the data necessary for a successful cost collection process. ACE Faculty member Michelle Anderson breaks it down for us in this Quick Take. 

On-Demand | Quick-Take: Cost Collection Readiness in January 2022
Speaker: Scott Moore, Esq.

$0 AAA Members | $0 Non-Members

ACE Faculty member Scott Moore, Esq. shares 8 tips for Cost Collection readiness in January 2022. If your EMS service was selected for years 1 or 2 of Medicare Ground Ambulance Cost Data Collection then you should take these 8 steps now to be sure your organization is set up for success.

On-Demand | Quick-Take: CMS Ground Ambulance Cost Data Collection Notifications
Speaker: Scott Moore, Esq.
$0 AAA Members | $0 Non-Members

Those agencies that were selected in years 1 and 2 for the upcoming CMS Ground Ambulance Cost Collection System (GACS) have, or will, be receiving a notification from your Medicare fiscal intermediary regarding the cost collection requirements.  The notice tells selected services that they will need to go to a portal that will open on December 28, 2022, to acknowledge receipt of the notice, select the start date of your costs collection period starting in 2022, and provide contact information for the individual at the organization for cost collection purposes. 

On-Demand | Medicare’s Ground Ambulance Data Collection System
Speaker: Andrew Mulcahy, RAND
$0 AAA Members | $0 Non-Members

More than 5,000 ground ambulance organizations will start collecting information under Medicare’s Ground Ambulance Data Collection System (GADCS) in 2022. While many ambulance organizations already collect and track much of the information required under GADCS, some organizations may need to adjust their processes and systems now – in 2021 – to prepare for data collection in 2022. Collecting and reporting accurate information to GADCS is important. In the future, MedPAC will use GADCS data to assess the adequacy of Medicare ambulance payment rates.

Andrew Mulcahy is a Senior Health Policy Researcher at RAND, a non-profit research organization helping CMS develop and implement the GADCS. Andrew will present an overview of the system and its requirements. He’ll walk through common GADCS questions and answers and field live questions from the audience.

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