How Ambulance Cost Collection & COVID-19 Intersect

Ambulance Cost Data Collection is likely the last item on your mind amid the constant barrage of updates, changing guidance, and trying to resupply PPE for your crews.  We believe there are a few ways keeping cost data collection top of mind throughout your COVID-19 preparations, response and recovery could pay dividends in the future.
Here is why:

The True Cost
Keep track of all COVID-19 related activities.  Tracking activities so they can be separated and identified later on not only helps the ambulance service understand the true cost of pandemic response, it can help CMS understand the true cost of pandemic response as it relates to the true cost of operating an ambulance service and caring for those in need.

Potential Stimulus & Reimbursement
Keep track of all COVID-19 related activities so that they can be separated by type and category. In the event there is a stimulus or reimbursement plan for ambulance services, you will be prepared to show your true cost and apply for the funds.

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Cost Data Collection: -535 Days 23 Hours 55 Minutes 13 Seconds until mandatory reporting begins!