Organizational Characteristics Are More Important Than You Might Think

How would you describe your ambulance service?  Beyond explaining how many ambulances you have on duty, the staffing mix, or your service area, your organizational characteristics are the framework for your service’s story.  Do you have a shared service model, or are you a stand-alone provider?  Do you have multiple NPIs or only one?  Does it make a difference if you are fire-based or hospital-affiliated, and where does not-for-profit come into play?

Organizational Characteristics are more important to ambulance cost collection than you might realize.  The organizational characteristics section is the introductory section of the Cost Data Collection Tool, and how you answer the questions will determine which questions are asked of you throughout the rest of the process.  Entering the wrong information in the organizational characteristics section will result in inaccurate data being submitted to CMS; this will negatively impact your individual service as well as EMS services across the country.

We have heard the ACE Faculty say time and time again that Ambulance Cost Data Collection is our opportunity to impact ambulance service reimbursement, and getting it “right” is imperative.  There are many different organizational characteristics; understanding which option is the most accurate for your service will help you submit accurate data.  How do you deal with multiple NPIs?  What do you do if you share services with another provider, and how is that different for stand-alone providers?  Entering the wrong information in the organizational characteristics section will result in inappropriate provider-type questions later in the tool, making it difficult for services to answer correctly.  Additionally, your data will be miscategorized during data aggregation and analysis.

Join us on Thursday, February 13th, for the Organizational Characteristics webinar where ACE Faculty will help you learn how to describe and categorize your organization correctly. Listen and learn all about the many different organizational characteristics, take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions of presenting ACE Faculty, and learn how to correctly select the organizational characteristics that best describe your service can help you submit accurate data. This webinar is for all services and provider types, directors, managers, and those with financial responsibility or who would benefit from a deeper understanding of organizational characteristics of ambulance services.

Registration is OPEN for AAA members ($99) and non-members ($198) and FREE with an ACE Subscription.  To stay up to date with all things Cost Collection including ACE Subscriptions, future webinars like the one on Service Area and Response Time coming up on March 12th,  sign up for our free newsletter.  You can also ask our ACE Faculty questions anytime or request a Cost Collection workshop in your area through request forms on

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